Monday, April 26, 2010

Hideous Mutants

These two Possessed Mutants were made from my favorite GW sprues, the Crypt Ghouls and Corpse Cart. The bodies are modified Ghouls and the heads are from the pile of bodies on the Corpse Cart.
I modified the Ghoul bodies to look like human hunchbacks, by first removing the spines/hairs on the back and the crotch. Next I smoothed out the regions with very fine sand paper. I then modeled a loin cloth with a Flagellant chain as the belt. I sanded one side of the chain down so that it would lay nicely on the models's hips. I wanted it to look as though is was digging into his muscle tissue. The next modification was the addition of a weapon to the Ghoul hand. I chose Ghoul arms that were either making a fist or holding something, then clipped and drilled a holes for the Flagellant clubs. The last conversion was the head. Most of the bodies on the corpse cart have hair and I knew I wanted these guys to be flayed, so I had to clip the hair off and smooth the dome of the skull.
It's a pretty simple conversion really.

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