Monday, April 26, 2010


There are no conversions here, but I love these models. Best creepy arms in the line.

I'll describe the steps in my list of layers:

1) Ghoul Skin(Reaper) & Camo Green(Game Color) 1:1
The first layer is the undercoat. If this isn't dark enough I might add a little chocolate brown to the mix=> 3:3:1

2) Chocolate Brown Wash(Reaper) 1:7
Next, I wash the skin in Chocolate Brown. The wash will pool in the recesses and clearly define the raised areas that I will be focusing on in the next step.

3) Moldy Skin(Reaper) & Camo 1:1
Wait for the wash to dry completely. I can't stress that part enough. Then apply the Moldy skin mix to the raised areas of the model. Cover as much of the raised areas as possible. If you accidentally get some paint in a recess the just pool a little wash in that spot and let it dry.

After the Moldy Skin layer I like to wash the scars and bruises. I make 2 separate washes on Red/Ruddy Brown(Reaper) 3:1 and the other Purple(Reaper). Both washes are 1:7 Paint:Water. First, I let the red wash pool around the scars and boils. I let that dry, then I add just a little purple to one end of the scars. If the scars intersect I apply it there as well. I also pool a little purple wash around the eyes.

4) Bloodless Skin(Reaper) & Camo 2:1
After all the washes have dried I hit the raised areas again with the next highlight. Make sure to leave parts of the last highlight visible as you go. This is also a great time to clean up any overspill from the scar and bruise washes.

5) Bloodless Skin
This is the last highlight. I only apply it to the highest raised areas. As I do this I make stripes across the last highlight to shade the color. I also apply it to the edges of the scars.

The back spines and hairs are done in a similar manner using Chocolate Brown and Leather brown.

1) Chocolate
2) Chocolate & Leather 1:1
3) Leather

The bases are made from green stuff. I just made a mold of a wooden plank from the corpse cart and another mold of piled rocks, then pressed then on the GS on my bases until it looked like a plank of wood on a pile of dirt.

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