Monday, April 26, 2010

Hideous Mutant: Froderick

I had a lot of fun painting this mutant. I used two sources for inspiration, Cybersquig's blood letter on cmon and my friend's human anatomy book. The blood letter was used for color scale and the book was a good guide for the musculature.

Painting the skinless musculature:
Base: dark red, purple 2:1
Dry Brush: dark red, purple, hot pink 2:1:1
Wash: dark red, black, wash agent 2:1:5
Dry fully

I do this so that I can see where the features on the model naturally stand out with paint. Then I know where to focus my layers.

Layer 1: dark red, purple, hot pink 2:1:0.5
Layer 2: dark red, purple, hot pink 2:1:1
Layer 3: dark red, hot pink 2:1
Layer 4: dark red, hot pink 1:1
Layer 5: dark red, hot pink, linen white 2:1:1
Layer 6: dark red, linen white 1:1
Sharpen with dark red

The ligaments above the bone structure:
Layer 1: sand yellow, brown 1:1
Layer 2: sand yellow
Layer 3: bone
Layer 4: linen white
Layer 5: white

Layer 1: blue, purple 2:1
Layer 2: blue, purple, ghostly white 2:1:1
Wash: purple, blue, wash agent 2:1:5

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