Monday, April 26, 2010

Vampire & War-Bat

This model underwent several changes before the final version. I've tried 3 different arms and a few heads. Below are a few pictures of that progression, followed by the final product.

The final components are as follows:
-Winged Vampire Body; The wing, head and shoulder spikes have been removed.
-Mannfred Von Cartstein Head
-Crypt Ghoul Arm.

The Bat was simply taken fron the Winged Vampire and mounted on it's own base. The base was also easy to make. I just laid green stuff over it and then pressed a wood grain mold and a gravel mold into the putty. The molds were made by pressing the wood grain of a coffin lid into some Super Sculpy and baking it to harden. The gravel mold was made in the same manner.

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