Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hired Zombie Ogre

In my current campaign I just hired an Ogre. My previous hired Ogre was just a slightly modified Mordheim Ogre. I gave him two hand axes an a different stance. My new Ogre is made from one of the new plastic Bull Ogres. I decided to model him as a Zombie to fit the theme of my undead warband.


  1. Wow, the Ogre is looking great! I absolutely love the way you did the guts and the brains - very nice!
    How did you make these stitches in his arm, a hot needle or something?
    I'm planning to hire a Zombie Ogre for my Restless Dead - once they're finished, haha..

    Looking forward to see him painted!


  2. Thanks Rens!


    First, I cut a channel with an exacto blade. Then I used a filing tool to even the depth of the cuts. I also used the filing tool to scratch out several perpendicular stitches. Lastly, I used fine grain sand paper to smooth everything out.