Friday, July 23, 2010

Executioner's Hood

In our current campaign I found the Executioner's Hood. Such a bad-ass magical item demanded modeling, so I made one that is removable. I gave it to my Dreg.


  1. Now thats a very cool idea dude, though I imagine the hood is quite fragile if its made of GS?

    Also brilliant work on all the stuff in this blog, finding it very inspiring and is helping out with ideas for my Vampire counts force.Think I will definitely be pinching the idea of the zombie ogre and use it as a unit filler :)

  2. Thanks a bunch, mate!
    The Hood is surprisingly resilient. In fact, many folks at my local shop have had a go at popping it off and on.

    How it was made:
    I stretched some Reynolds wrap over the model's head. Then I added strips of green stuff. The first layer was thin much like cobra commander's hood. I carefully removed the GS around the eyes. I let that dry, added more GS and started to work on shaping the folds and hood peak.

  3. Nice! I'm adding him to your page in my gallery at once! :D