Friday, November 26, 2010

Zombie Love!

Holy Shit! It seems like it's been years since I've posted anything.Well, I'm back from the dead and I've brought a few Zombies along with me.

A while back I remade the Zombies in my Undead Mordheim Warband. I was never really happy with the Zombies from the boxed set. The heads were too large and the arms were too bulky. I decided to keep the torsos and legs from the boxed set, but I replaced the heads and arms. I took the arms from the Undead Crypt Ghouls, and the heads came from the cart pullers on the Corpse Cart.

Below are comparison images of the old zombies versus the new.


  1. Great work renovating the Zombies,the before and after shots really show how the new parts you've used are scaled better. :)

  2. Very nice job updating them dude love how you have painted their skin :)

    The ghoul arms are really good for zombies, I don't get why GW haven't done a new zombie kit yet

  3. Yeah, I'm not saying that they copied me, but... way back when I did the same thing to a skaven warband to make them more rat-like. A year later GW came out with a new sleeker skaven line.

    That said, maybe GW will coincidentally do the same thing with the Zombie kit.

    Foot Note: Ally Morrison sculpted the original plastic Zombies and Skaven Night Runners. It's some of his best work and that ain't a compliment. Sorry Ally.

    Side Note: I've noticed that the worst looking (least selling) models have the best stat lines. This means that if you field an entire Ally Morrison army you will win all games automatically.
    Trish Morrison models apply as well.

  4. Slightly late to the table, but have to say a solid upgrade over the original pieces. I did something similar for my Quest Goblins. I used current Goblin bodies, new Night Goblin arms and the 40k grot heads. Makes for sleeker and meaner looking goblins. Considering our collective results, something to be said for range mixing :D

    - Tael.